Who We Are

We are a team of close friends and DotA 2 lovers. One day we shared a dream of casting The International, a pipedream without some establishing credentials or experience in the industry. We settled for creating a tradition of gathering to watch The International each year as you would the World Cup or Superbowl. After just one year of drinking and enjoying The International, we learned the origin of Beyond the Summit and we felt a spark of hope.

Now, after much preparation and hard work, we launch The Sideshop!

Sideshop DotA is meant to be a place for amateur casters, analysts and players alike to gather for and enjoy the full TI experience. We aim to be a light-heart organization that hopes to bring you beginner-friendly casting and analysis while catering to the newer DotA players and viewer.

So crack open a cold one with The Sideshop boys, and get ready for some kick ass DotA and a whole hell of a lot of fun.

What We Do

We provide down-to-earth, easily accessible analysis and commentary on Dota matches of all caliburs.

As an independent team with no sponser, we strive to provide the highest qualty production possible. We create our own animations, overlays and other assets.

Using OBS for broadcasting and the Adobe suite for asset creation, we work hard in our free time to bring you production value, game insight and relatable entertainment.

Above everything else, our dream is to be a place where Dota spectators and players alike can go and feel a larger sense of community. Starting with a focus on making the game approachable and easy to watch for new players, we hope to become a resource veterans pass to their friends looking to get in on the fun. Building community and a place for great Dota is our foundation.

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Zak Fisher


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Zach Wylie


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Curt Loede


Ho ho! You found me!

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